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"I work with people who struggle with trauma-related anxiety and maintaining healthy relationships"
Lisa Battle-Gwathney, Ph.D.
Enhancing Wellness Counseling & Consulting, LLC

Battle Center for Relationships & Resiliency

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Counseling Services include:

  • Individual  

  • Couples

EMDR Consultation

  • Individual 

  • Group

Therapeutic Creativity

At the center of this therapy is the space to allow clients to express themselves, both verbally and creatively. There are times that words can not capture your feelings or thoughts. During those times other forms of expression (i.e. art and writing) can be used.



Can address multiple concerns, however, specific areas:

  • Anxiety

  • Relational concerns

  • Trauma

  • Harmful Patterns

  • Stress Management


Enhancing Wellness Counseling & Consulting, LLC is a mental health counseling organization focusing on facilitating growth for relationships and individuals, who experienced trauma, navigate mental/health concerns. This is accomplished by providing a safe place and equipping clients with necessary resources.

This organization was created based on the founders passion from an early age of working with families. Over the years, multiple opportunities assisted in expanding the focus from families to relationships and revealed the importance of trauma work. Now this experience is being used for Enhancing Wellness.


* Communications from potential or existing clients are confidential within limits as required or allowed by law. Do not include your private health information below. *

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